Building A Zc

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I just got my ZC engine and I am starting to take it apart and build it up. I need a new throttle body and distributor. What throttle body should I get, I'm going to get a large aftermarket one, since I have to replace it anyway. I can just buy one for the 88-91 CRX Si right? What else should I do? I have rods, pistons, and rings on the way, I'm getting the head ported and polished, and I plan to get the HKS cams whenever I can afford them, but is there something else that I can do to get some extra horsepower? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
How about when I take apart the head. I plan to get it ported and polished so will I need any seals, gaskets, or anything like that before I put everything back together? If so, where would I get these, or from what engine will they be from? Thanks
its the same throttle body off the 88-91 Si, I'm using the USDM one on my ZC since mine was broken in shipping.