Building Bullet Proof B16a

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Hi Everybody,

I have a EK 98 VTI (the same as your 2000 Si) civic.
I am planning full engine rebuild at the moment and was wondering if you could provide me with some advice. I would like (although expensive is there any cheaper alternatives?) to use:

- JE Pistons - cheaper alternative - different block from other b-series engine?
- Saenz rods & ARP bolts - good idea?

What clutch assemblies are good? What about uprated driveshafts?

I am not looking for silly power, but would love to be in low 13s

Thanks - Charlie
Are you building your motor for turbo or n/a?

JE pistons are quite popular- but a lot of people here swear by endyn rollerwaves. Never heard of of saenz rods, but ive seen eagle h beams in person and they are beautiful. Perfect machining. Arp bolts are the general aftermarket bolts, they will do just fine.

Clutches- Clutchmasters stage 3 is badass. If youre staying around 230-240 whp it would be perfect. for axles
Thanks for your quick reply

I am revising my HKS/Dpmotorsport Turbo conversion which is running on stock internals at the moment with a poor quality Black Diamond clutch. Have Pace Intercooler/Rad ect

Would that clutch assembly be organic?

JE pistons are good, and so are the rollerwave pistons. I would get eagle rods! I have heard nothig but good things about them. The Clutch masters stage 3 clutch is a carbon/kevlar clutch. It is good for 110% over stock I believe. If you really want to bullet proof your block. You will need to look into sleeving it!
Is the crankshaft pretty stong on the b16a? - have been told a 17a crank is a good idea?
I have heard of sleeving blocks, what does it actually involve?


Generally honda cranks are quite strong. You need to be pushing way way over stock HP/Tq to have a crank go on you. Expecially a B-series crank. As for sleeving you block. Get ahold of golden eagle or darton about sleeve's. Don't just use a block guard. It won't be bullet proof that way.
Keep in mind too that block guards block off a lot of the water going from the head to the block if you look at one you can see how much it really blocks its something I would NEVER run in my engine

if your looking for 13s I would NOT go with JE reason being is they are loud they have to warm before they seat right and they use oil so you have to check your oil all the time I WISH I had stock pistons in my car even tho I would never run anything less then JE "in my case" but if your looking for 13s go get some SRPs they are cheaper and very quiet! I would use stock rods, SRP pistons, crowler or other good name springs/retainers check the bearings when you hvae the engine apart if needed replace with honda bearings

then again if it was my car and the engine ran good I would leave it fully stock 13s would not be to hard to hit as long as you get some good tires to hook up and run hondata with some 440s

btw once you hit 13s you will want 12s then 11s then 10s so do yourself a faver and just do it all lol
check out my setup for a some what "hopfully bullet proof" engine