Building Up A Zc

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I just recently bought a JDM ZC and I was wondering what kind of parts from the D-series will fit. I want to get larger throttle body and fuel rail and regulator among other things. Can I just buy parts for the D16 or is everything going to be mix and match? Also, does anybody know where I can get the extra fuel injector wiring that I will need to go from duel-point to multi-point? thanks for the help.
Many of the parts are swappable from a DOHC ZC and a D16Z6. Pistons, rods, exhaust manifold, intake manifold. So I would recommend getting those. Also the CRXsi intake manifold is what most people use to go from DPFI to MPFI. You will need the CRXsi injector resistor box also.
Just modify your stock harness when going to MPFI. Look at hybridgarage for 'Kenji's DX to ZC Wiring Changeover' or something like that, it is an exact step-by-step writeup for the conversion, very easy to follow. I actually printed it out and just used it as a reference in that way.

As for extra parts, the FPR and rail should work, as should the throttle body (though there is a long list of mods I hope you have finished before you put that on). As for everything else, it's kinda hit and miss, just ask before buying them I'm sure someone will help you out.