Built B16a For My 92 Hatch

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I Currently have a 92 Civic Hatch Vx. I am about to purchase a B16A block for 200 bucks
Then my hombois are sellin a complete GSR head,tranny,ecu,harness, basically EVERYTHING except for the block.
-Will everything bolt up to the B16A becuase its a B-series motor?
-Same with the Oil Pan? etc....
-And what do I need to do about the wiring harness?
-Which ECU should I use?
-Also I heard the GSR 94+ Motor mounts will bolt up to the B16A and drop directly in my 92 Hatch is dat tru?

I just need a lil info before I start buyin all this crap heh.....


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yeah, true about the motor mounts, but your going to need a cable to hydraulic conversion for your clutc if your running the first gen tranny.

about the harness, if the harness on that gsr is an obd1 harness you should grab that, and the injectors. if not your going to need an obd1 harness(not sure cause i heard that all 92 civics are prewired for vtec), ecu(if you get a p28 from a civic you wont need to wire a knock sensor, or possibly get your stock one programmed), and injectors(you could use your stock injectors) from an integra gsr, or a civic si or ex. Or you could probably get your ecu setup for hondata.

and if someone is trying to sell you crap, you probably shouldn't buy it cause thats just gross. j/p
Sup! All civic 92-95 vx model are prewired for vtec. One advise, don't get the b16a because that thing is weak with the gsr head. If you get a gsr block with a b16a head it'll be stronger. Is the b16a an obd0 or sir1? if yes, its compression is only 10:2 so it's very weak and the torque is only 111lbs. Like i mentioned above, if you get an gsr block with an b16a2 head it'll be very strong because the b16a2 intake maniford work better than the gsr maniford so it perfrom better.


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Yea its from SIR-1 ...BUt what will the difference be if i got the OBD 0 on compression(Because OBD0 is the harness...Isnt all SIR-1 OBD0?)?..This is only for temperary.. Becuase I am soon to buy B16B Pistons, B18C5 Rods, B18C5 Cams. I am going to be going all motor...I just want to go cheap for right now and den build up later..Soon also port and polish the GZR head too...Probably grab some new Skunk 2 or Type R Valve, Springs, retainer Set up