Built GSR Engine B18C1 w/ B16 Y1/S1 cable trans

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Putting the engine up for sale. DISCLAIMER!! engine is still mounted in the car. when i get around to it, and/or a buyer is putting up the money to buy, i will pull the engine.

currently NOT parting out the engine. would consider selling the trans alone however. NO SHIPPING

B18C1 GSR Engine *BUILT* w/B16 Y1/S1 non-LSD cable transmission - $3000obo (local pickup only, no shipping)
-motor always ran great, made 215whp all motor, ran perfectly last time i drove it
-motor has been sitting in the car for the past 3 years while i was prepping the rest of the car for track duty, never ended up finishing the car.
-all machine work performed by a local machine shop with strict instructions given by myself (that was taken from the Helms FSM)
-motor was assembled by myself, and i strictly followed the Helms FSM during assembly (clearances/torque values, etc)
-assembled in 2005/2006 with all new (at the time) OEM seals/gaskets/even nuts and bolts
-motor has estimated 5,000-10,000mi on it. i didnt drive it much.
-B18C1 block, stripped down, hot tanked, bored (+0.25mm),honed
-GSR Rods and crank
-P73-00 JDM ITR +0.25mm pistons (~11.8:1 CR)
-ACL bearings
-P72 head with portflow headwork (standard port/valve job)
-Skunk2 stage2 cams and gears
-Portflow springs and Ti retainers
-ITR oil pump
-ARP Headstuds
-ARP rod bolts installed on the GSR rods
-ITR manifold fitted to GSR head
-Large coolant port on head has been plugged (coolant passage ways are different between the ITR mani and GSR head)
-Hondata phenolic IM gasket
-OEM B16 fuel rail, powdercoated black w/-AN fitting for braided fuel lines (take the -an adapter out and youre ok to use the stock fuel lines)
-RC 320cc P&H (resistor box) injectors
-Z10 PCV block off plug
-stock oil pressure sender has been removed and replaced with a fitting for a oil pressure line (for remote mouted oil presure sender to be used with oil pressure gauge)
-Prelude rear block nipples (used for a catch can setup)
-HAsport billet aluminum mounts
-chipped P28 OBDI w/ Tune loaded on ROM
-Tuned by SGT on CromePro
-Valvecover and upper timing cover cutout for access to cam gears.
-Moroso "road race" zinc plated steel oil pan. 5qt capacity and internal baffles

-B16 Y1/S1 (not sure which, no label) non-LSD close ratio cable transmission. no grinds
-lightweight aluminum flywheel
-ACT pressure plate with organic clutch disc

I built this motor with the intention of running Honda Challenge, hence why there is so much work into the head and OEM parts in the bottom end.

pics from the build (circa 2005/2006):






pics of the engine in the car a few years ago:

pics now:
*edit*, thought i had a more recent pic, apparently not, ill snap a few and upload.

Dyno Plot and tuning map:

Do you still have the swap for sale? Also where are you located around?