Bullrun on speed?

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These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...
Has anybody watched this? I sent in my audition tape for the first bullrun, but i didn't even know there was a new one on speed this year.
Yeah i watched it last night. I believe it was the first 2 episodes. Never heard of it until recently, and hadn't planned on watching it, but i was flipping channels and it caught my attention.

Kind of interesting I guess.
they had the first season casting in 2005 i think. and it was all over the internet. i didn't hear anything about casting for this season. i was surprised when i saw it on tv.
not really sure what the rules are, other than to get from point A to point B. The first one there wins for the day, but they all seem to be more or less following traffic laws. That would be hard for me. I'm competetive at everything I do, and finishing first would be of the utmost importance. Why drive a Ferrari F430 the speed limit?
last time it was on spike. seems like speed is taking all the rejected shows. speed, pimp my ride, etc.
speed is a car channel, so why not.. if its car related, stick it on Speed... i know its on my favorites list.
<- don't get speed.

I have to get 324234 channels of horse racing and football for $34.99 a month just to get it. damn packages :(
<- don't get speed.

I have to get 324234 channels of horse racing and football for $34.99 a month just to get it. damn packages :(

Comcast finally added Speed HD in their regular hd package recently... Spike has a big number of car shows on the weekends, now they need to start offering an HD feed too.
I'd wear ass-less chaps so the other drivers could see my bare ass fade off into the distance while they sit in rush hour traffic.
it figures that they would put the biggest douche bags with the evo just to futher push the ricer sterotype. just hearing those guys talk makes me confused!!!
I havent got a chance to watch the episode yet but Ive got it recorded for the full season! =)
Am I the only one who wants to see this tape? Post it if you have it nickster.

As far as bullrun, I don't have cable no mo so I can't watch it. :(

dude, i would totally post it, but it was on vhs-c and it got sent to cali.

on part was a touge through the mountains with one of my friends holding the camera. she about pissed herself.

it was over an hour of footage that they supposedly edit down to a couple minutes to show the producers. i don't think we were sellable. my original friend backed out because it's a gaping vagina. then my dad bailed. i think we would have gotten picked. they told us there would be a bunch of partying and bullshit, so he didn't want to do it.

then it ended up being me and a black guy. i think he lost it for us. lol
you probably didn't get in because you sent them a vhs tape and they had nothing ti play it in.

come on man. even 2005, miidv was all the talk.
hey, they told me what my options were. i asked specifically about it.

Submission Guidelines

We’d love to know more about you, your teammate, and your car. So make us a tape, send us some pictures, and show us why we should pick you.

How to Make a Tape:

Your tape must be in Mini DV-Tape format or VHS/VHS-C. Mini DV-Tape is strongly preferred.

  • Check out the lighting when you’re making your tape and make sure we can see you both.
  • Make sure there is no background noise in that location that will interfere with our ability to hear your interviews.
  • Film somewhere interesting, like in front of your car, in your garage, etc. The location should represent your personality.

Tape Content:

  • What should you put on your tape? We’re glad you asked.
    • Interviews of you
    • Interviews of your team mate
    • Shots of your car

2. There is nothing wrong that you can do or say on the tape. Don’t worry about having to be “politically correct” or doing something “wrong.” Please do not censor anyone. Often what makes us dig you is when we see moments captured when you forget that the camera is even running.

3. Be creative with your tape – we love creative stuff. Helps us pass the time. And helps us figure out who should be on the show. Stuff you should include:

a. Describe yourself
b. How did you and your teammate meet?
c. What do you like about each other?
d. What do you not like about each other?
e. Who’s the better driver?
f. What are your pet peeves on the road?
g. Describe your driving style.
h. Show us your car and tell us all about it, in detail. (We want to see the interior, exterior, under the hood, etc.)
i. When did you get your car?
j. What special modifications have you made to your car? If any, why and what?
k. Describe your relationship with cars.
l. What do you love more than your car?
m. Describe your first car.
n. How old were you the first time you got behind the wheel?
o. Prove to us how much you know about cars?
p. Why do you want to be on Bullrun?
q. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
r. Describe how you feel about members of the opposite sex.
s. What are your values, convictions, etc.?
t. What makes your blood boil?
u. What makes you really happy?
v. Are you competitive?
w. What would you do to win?
x. If I asked you to race me from here to the fence, what would you do to keep me from winning?
y. Do you consider yourself opinionated or more subdued? Describe in detail.
z. Please describe your temperament. Are you patient, short-fused, easy going, high strung…. Explain.
aa. Please complete the following sentence with three different responses: “I have no tolerance for _______.” Please explain why for each.
bb. Do you have any vices? Explain.
cc. What, if anything, would you improve about yourself?

Candid Footage:

We want to see what you’re like. What you do. Where you go. What you drink. Stuff like that. So candid footage is often our most valuable footage. If you tell us that “my team mate is wacked and is a crazy tattoo artist,” then we need to see him/her being wacked and tattooing someone.

Take us driving, take us to the garage, take us to the bar, take us outside, inside, wherever we can see you being you.

AND GIVE US FOOTAGE OF YOUR CAR!! This is crazy important. We need to see a buttload of footage of your car, and you in your car, and you talking about your car, and more of your car, and then some more.

Tape Delivery:

Please fill out the form on the next page and send it our way and you’re done. Easy, huh? You’ll hear from us soon.