Bunch of D-series stuff... Turbo, Manifold, Blocks

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I have:
CX/HF manifold 50, 5 bux more for a chunk of 1/2" steel to make an adaptor plate.
Greddy Blue box (maybe 2, dunno if i want to get into chippin yet) 50
IHI RHB5 Turbo, has shaft play. I havent used it, but the previous owner said it didnt burn any oil, he swears his life on it... so if it does let me know so i can kill him). 75
d16z6 short block, rusty cyl walls, needs honed. 75
d15b7 short block, new rings, water pump, and tensioner, 60k 5k on rebuild 150
d16z6 short block, high mileage, needs rings. (Not despratly, but does burn oil in High RPM's) 100
D16a6 cyl head good condition 50
D16z6 valve cover, does not say vtec on it 20
2 d16z6 oil pans 25 each
OBD1 Non vtec engine harness 50
D15z1 intake with good EGR, 10
91 Civic Manual ECU, 5 bux.
I have SO MUCH stuff, i canot remember what i do and do not have. Let me know what you need.
All prices are negotiable, and without shipping from 44017.

Let me know if your interested, and i can post pics on a later date.


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Originally posted by reckedracing@May 23 2005, 08:50 AM
looking for the top timing belt cover for a z6...
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Lol, im sorry. I figured everyone wanted the "Race Car" look, and no one would want it.

I wish i knew last week, b4 i threw it out.


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Originally posted by 4DRonDUBS@May 23 2005, 11:20 AM
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Well, your in luck. I have one.
50 bux.

you didn't answer my question? I guess the answer is no.

What question was that? I replyd to all questions i got.