Busted Crank

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My first question is would it be better to put a new crank in or swap blocks? The crank broke off right where the bolt for the crank pulley stops threading in. It is a z6 and I can't find a crank for it anywhere. I do have a d15b7 in the garage and was wondering if the crank from it would work at all. I understand that it does have a different stroke pattern, so i don't know if that would fuck everything up or not. Then even if I were to find the right crank, would my motor ever run right again? I could really use some help on this one guys.
It would be cheaper to buy a short block D16Z6 cause if you get a Z6 crank you are going to want to build it up right such as micro polish the crankshaft add new main,rod, and thrust washer bearings & gaskets/seals etc...
If you find a D16y8 short block even better :)