Buy my IC pipes with BOV


The Trisexual
Yes I know they aren't the prettiest. But they work perfect.

I'm taking them downstairs and painting them black in like 5 minutes.

225 shipped w/ BOV and couplers, thats a fuckin deal. It cost me more to make them. 130 for the piping, fifty something for the couplers, and the BOV is like 65 brand new.

I'll might accept offers.



Shit, you painted them? I was gonna buy them, but I don't like the black piping thing....

Just fuckin' bump...


The Trisexual
i don't feel like taking a pic of it right this minute, but they look decent now.

and wtf is wrong with you people, buy my fuckin IC pipes. make an offer. get drunk and give me 500 for em, i don't care I want money (reasonable offers). I get free ATM surcharges if I keep 2500 in my account, lol and i want to SC the Audi, and I want more beer, and...and....and