bypassing the cooling fan timer unit.. without losing any other function


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for 3rd gens

ok... i decided to dive into my cooling fan issues and now i will share my discoveries...

anyway.., what i did is cut the connection from the timer unit that lead to both fans... bypassing the unit and directly connecting the thermo switch instead.. thus eliminating the fan from coming on when car is off, while keeping the function and use of the temp switches in tact....simple really. and it worked for me... case closed

locate fan timer unit at passenger side kick panel, cut blue wire at connector, and splice into white/green wire on the same connector....just like in the pic below..... thats it

keep in mind that "so far" this process is working for me... i will update if any issues arise.. also i don't have a compressor fan due to no AC.. so as far as what the compressor fan does.. i don't have any results for that.. all i know is that in my case, the cooling fan would turn on 95% of the time when i turned on my car... i already tested the sensors and switches and still the fan would come on.. after car warmed up, the fan would turn OFF and ON like normal.. but when i shut the car off, and then turned ignition key to 2nd click.... fan comes on.. this fault has been a thorn in my ass since i got the car.. even before my swap.. but so far, this technique has worked without any issues... but what i don't know, is what the compressor fan does during this time, since i don't have one.... in theory, it all should work just fine... im still testing it all out.., because i don't know yet if the white/green wire gets cut at the timer unit, or just leave as is with the blue wire spliced into it.... or if it makes a difference either way...

any feedback from people who decide to try this process would be appreciated... thanx
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Thank you so much for sharing. The battery in my 1991 Honda Accord LX would be found dead in morning because the fan would kick on at random times with key out. Removing the fuse every time I parked was getting old. I knew there was a better and cheaper way without replacing the expensive timer. The wiring colors were the same and I used a solderless wire quick tap connector to connect the wht/grn and blu wires. Kudos to you.
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