C5 In A Sol (d16)

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I'm putting a B18C5 into my del Sol Si (D16) and it seems as though my mechanic has taken care of everything, but I just want to make sure. I have the motor with LSD trans. He is getting my shift linkage, axles, and mounts from a B16 Sol. He has a guy that can rechip my stock ECU, and says we're going to leave it ODB1 with 1 O2 sensor. The TPS on the motor is broken, but I was told that the TPS from my D16 motor will mount up fine.

As long as everything I'm going to need is with me when I drive out there he will have it done in one day if everything goes smoothly, two days at worst. I'm sure people have run into nightmares before and I know you can't always have everything covered. But if there's anything you might be able to think of or things that you might have left out in the past on a big project like this, I would appreciate the info. Because I can't afford to take too much time off of work.

My email is bigdsol@wideopenwest.com if you think of anything or have suggestions.

Thanks, DSmiley
you basicly have everything covered although i am not sure about the tps fitting on to the ITR.

Dont forget to put a new waterpump and timingbelt on before the engine goes in the car. Much easier that way and then you'll be set for another 70k miles plus

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im pretty sure the TPS from (almost)any honda engine will work (they are all the same as far as i know)
guess i was :owned: i thoght that it was like most d-b series parts, not intercangable
Get a clutch in!!!! I highly regret not doing that before i put my motor in :bash:

No matter how good of condition you think its in- make sure to change at least these 3 things-

1. Timing belt

2. Water pump

3. Clutch/LSD if you ever plan on getting one

Just wait a few more weeks to save up some $ to get those parts, otherwise you will regret it later...trust me.

edit- im a dumbass and didnt read the whole post and realize that you already have a LSD, scratch that one off the list :P
If you buy the h20 pump and the timing belt at a honda dealer, at most it will cost you is 100 and if you go through Hparts.com you can get the OEM stuff for even cheaper. If you have a shop do it after you put the engine in, it will cost you 200-400, (i think i paid about 200 because the guy was my naighbor and he is cheap as hell) for a FWD car, normally to this (when engine is in car), they unbolt the passenger side mount then they do it, takes a decent amount of time.