Cai Hitting Neuspeed Strut Brace

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In my 5th-gen coupe, I put a B18B1, with Neuspeed strut braces & tie bar, and a 92-95 Civic CAI (Cold Air Intake) from AEM. Well, I'm not one for show, so I left the peeling over the sticker. I was checking around after we had replaced a bad axle..... and the damned strut brace & CAI are rubbing metal-on-metal, eating into my CAI's siding!!!

To temporarily solve this, I took some 2"-thick neoprene, and shoved it in between. But there's still a lot of vibration from up there.... I'm worried something is going to rattle loose, or damage my CAI (further).

Does anyone have advice for getting the CAI away from the strut brace or vice versa? I've thought about spacers for the strut brace, but I didn't know if hood clearance would allow that, and I didn't know if spacers would inhibit stability, so I wanted to ask. I've tried moving the CAI towards the driver's side, but the neoprene stuffing is already making the CAI push against the driver's side of the ducting hole behind the passenger's turn signal. Argh :angry:

If you need, I can take some crappy 240x320 digicam pics tomorrow when it's light out and post them.


move the aem around... un bolt it from that brace thing.. and move it so it doesn't hit anymore... twist it a little bit... and then re mount it in that position