California Smog Guide

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California Smog Guide​

California has some of the toughest rules for vehicles in the United States. The CARB (California Air Research Board) is the governing body that oversees environmental factors for the state including vehicle emissions. Swaps are not always allowed and can get you in trouble with authorities, or even have your car impounded or crushed. Before you change out your engine, be sure you understand what you can and cannot do from a legal perspective. Some of these links will help inform you of the process.

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Parts needed to be smog legal in cali for B16 in a crx, should be the same for civic too.. and you will be using the 94-95 Del sol smog stuff and some 92-95 civic.

94-95 del Sol 1.6L (TD-42U) Distributor
94-95 Del Sol ECU P30 USDM you will need in adapter from obd 0 to obd 1 ( some refs want you to Re-pin your harness from obd o to obd 1,( no adapters ) so ask around or try your luck ).
94-95 del sol Intake or skunk 2 intake
94-95 del sol Exhaust manifold or 50 state legal header.
94-95 del sol throttle body or other as long as it has the Vacuum nipple above the air inlet but has to be curved up, 92-95 civic has this, plus has to have a map sensor on it.

air cleaner, I got a short ram for Del sol/civic AEM 50 state legal for $50.00 through summit. But your stock battery don't fit, and wont fit with a stock air box like they want it to fit, so I got a lawn/garden battery from Autozone U1-3 $ 25.00 fits perfect in stock location and starts the car just fine.

94-95 del sol or 92-95 civic Purge control valve, it has to mount on the intake, so if you are using a stock intake, it will mount to it, but if using a Skunk 2 intake you will have to make a bracket 6"-8" long X 1" wide Drill 1 hole ( 5/16 ) at one end, now under the intake about middle you will feel a hole, that's where the bracket will mount all you are doing is checking the length so it does not hit the brake booster as that's where it will point too when finished, and make sure you have enough room for the purge valve to mount and not hit the intake, drill the second hole 1/4" should be good. mount everything up and hook hoses and wire connector up done.


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