Cam break in??

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The Warden
Alright guys, This may be a N00B question but I really need to make sure I have my info correct.

Do you or do you not have to do a break in procedure?

I know in old pushrod motors you have to Idle above 2k RPM for 20 min....but what about in hondas?

oh yeah I forgot, they are a used pair of BC stage 3 cams in a GSR head.

Gonna finish building and swaping today! Still need to know how to break them in.
Why would you break-in 'used' cams? You don't have to break them in. Just make sure they are lubed so they aren't dry when you start the car and let them rip...
no break in required. just re-check your torque figures after a 15 in drive to make sure nothing worked out
Thanks a bunch guys! Gonna let em rip tomorrow! Finally gonna get the engine in the car!
i prefer rotellaT oil for break in on fresh engines and cams but your cams are used and no point in breaking them in. Rotell T has extra adatives in it that will help with a fresh build i think compcams actall recomends it also