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My boy has a set of crowder stage threes for 350 used of course , will this help out my gsr. I have a stock motor with bolt ons, I just wanted to know are these cams too big or will they be fine . I have a crowder valve train with ctr cams now, but want some bigger cams . My motor has a v-afc, diff., light flywheel, gsr transmission with b16 3and 4 gear, skunk 2 manifold, ctr cams, d.c. sports header, thermal exhaust 2 1/4, type r shifter, aem intake, apc wires, and ngk plugs. I also have a aem fuel rail and reg. and 75 shot wet of nitrous.


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put some pr3/p30 pistons to raise the CR and youll get more from the cams than if you leave the gsr pistons...

BTW ill buy the CTR cams from you


new england clam crowder???

is that the red or the white?? :p

its crower :p

crower 403's are pretty decent cams. their stage 1 is about equal to a ctr... just slightly larger

you're going to want to up the compression in the motor to compensate for the higher lift the cam profile has. b16's might be pushing it, and don't fit gsr rods....
JDM ITR pistons is what i would go with. will put you at 11.3:1 compression. perfect for the nitrous and all motor aspects of the motor.

you might want to toss the vafc and get some real management though... look into uberdata or crome