Can 99 prelude spindles, fit in a 92 civic HB?

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Hello there all you tech gurus, pros. Want to swap out my spindles, brake disc on my civic HB 92 and put in the H22 spindles I got. Wonder if anyone did that before or have any infos about it being done. Would like to know it before I try this out? But, it would be nice if I can have a 5-lug Civic, wouldn't it? That'll be like a type R conversion without the expensive purchase for all for spindles. Any infos will be greatly appreciated. Email me if you want at :worthy: Thanks... Good day to y'all
I don't believe that those will work, the only thing interchange able is integra/civic's so if you want the "bling" of 5 lug, i believe you would have to get them from an ITR.
Originally posted by reckedracing@Jun 24 2005, 12:47 PM
so you are gonna run 2 - 5 lug wheels and 2 - 4 lug wheels???
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Nah, I have the whole 4 corners on my old 99 prelude, so, I'm thinking of putting those spindles on my hatch. It hasn't been done before to my knowledge. But, just thought it would be an interesting idea for people to look into. I'll start this project on next weekend. And I'll follow you guys up on the details.... Wish me luck. :D :worthy: