can i do this?

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It's only stupid if it doesn't work
97 integra
sir b16a
wasnt sure if i could if i could do it. will i be able to use crome or uberdata, or are they just obd1?

i want to swap the tranny and i figured while i did that just swap it all, rebuild the b18b bottom and have a built turbo motor with little down time.

plus i want to try out the "bastard b" setup we talked about awhile ago on here in an ef, eg, or da. so doing this swap would give me most or all the parts i needed.

i could do some research but id rather just ask because im a bum.


HS Troll...And Mod
YOU COULD DO IT, but it would be hard as a hell of wiring nightmares non stop.


Senior Member
can it be done sure it can just a lot of work but it can be done but you have to make sure you are using an obd1 ecu for that because if you are using obd2 you will have at least 10 different codes


It's only stupid if it doesn't work
would it be less of a hassle if i used a sir2 or xsi b16. id rather spend more and have less headaches, especially with wiring.