Can I Use The Stock Ecu

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i'm swapping a 99 civic si dohc vtec into a 92 civic hatchback si sohc vtec... can i use the stock sohc harness and the ecu? will it work? what do i have to do if it doesnt all plug in? any ideas on what to do? thankz
You can use your SI ecu, will have a lower rev limit still of only 7200 while that B16A goes to 8200 happily so that would be one draw back. Also cann't hook up the Knock sensor, and I'm unsure if the SI has a air temp sensor that will prevent cold V-tec, Knock sensor I know SOHC dont have. Get a 93-97 Del Sol DOHC ECU or a 92-93 Integra GS-R ecu both will plug in and give you the rev limit and better fuel maps, or get you P28 chips and reprogramed also and that will fix the rev limit and air/fuel curves.
simply chip your stick ecu to run a dohc vtec motor, and it will run good.

running it off the p28 will work, but the fuel maps are off, vtec engagement point is off, and it will suck power away from you because of it.