Can it be done?

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I was looking at some pictures and noticing the amount of room this guy has in his engine bay.

It's a N/A H22a.... do you think he could even fit a turbo in there?

And if so... there's pretty much no way he has AC or PS is there?
Yes you can fit a turbo in there and they are working the a/c p/s issue.I don't keep up with H so it maybe solved.
i dont really keep up with h series engine swaps, but i'd say puttin a turbo h into a civic is just more trouble than it's worth. I've heard it can be a nightmare to get any h series into a civic. if your gonna go turbo, you might as well just go with what's been proven time and time again and find a b series engine to put in. you could use the money you'd save on any extra work you'd have to have done to get the h to fit and build up a stronger b. since your goin turbo, you'll be able to get as much power as you'd need.

if the car your buildin is for street use, a solid build b turbo will produce more power than you'll be able to run on the street anyways. also, i dont need people flamin me say that you can't have too much power on the street, cause i drove a buddies 500 hp supra, and believe me, drivin something with that much power on the street isn't easy. the car would have a tendency to take off like a rocket, and in traffic it can get tough to keep it under control. there is such a thing as too much power on the street, and anybody who thinks there isn't is definatly gonna wind up wrappin their baby around a tree.

all in all, i'd save yourself all the headaches of messin around with an h swap and just go with the trusty (and perfectly fitting) b series. but hey, if you do manage to get a working h turbo swap, more power to ya...

just my 2 cents, for whatever it's worth

Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 25 2002, 9:11 AM
ac and turbo, no
turbo and PS, possible.

that pretty much sums it up..

and just some food for though