Can U Do This?

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Senior Member
can u put CTR pistons ( does it connect to the connecting rods?) in a gsr? and can u put a b20a5 or a3 crank shaft in a gsr? (95mm stroke) thanx
CTR pistons won't fit GSR rods, the B20A3/5 crank will not fit in the GSR block.
dam that would i get ctr pistons in a b18c1 then...custom rods...? then i guess the best crank i should go with is from a b20b or an ls.
Custom rods or LS Crank and rods (CTR pistons fit LS rods)
oh so its because of the size the ctr pistons wont fit....i thought i was cause like the connecting rod didnt fit in the piston to hold it.
No, it's because the rod on the piston end is too small to hold the CTR pistons in place. ITR pistons will fit GSR rods.