Canadian jdm suppliers?


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Originally posted by Panther550@Feb 21 2005, 10:50 AM
Does anyone know of any places in Canada that supply/sell jdm front end conversions for 88-91 CRX Si's.
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try this site, they are in montreal, they have all JDM motors with 30 k on them, i know you arent looking for a motor, BUT they sell TONS of JDM stuff, headlights, fendewrs, mirrors, all that stuff, here is the site.

tel number is 1 877 806 3278 :)


you could go thru osaka, but PICK IT UP, DO NOT SHIP, and inspect it very carefully before leaving...

good prices, and lots of shit in stock, but buyer BEWARE...

and if you can find another source thats near the same price go for the alternative...


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Originally posted by Panther550+Feb 22 2005, 01:11 AM-->
@Feb 21 2005, 12:45 PM
you could go thru osaka
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What do you mean by "osaka", you mean the city??? or is it a store.
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Sorry to bring up a relatively dead thread, but Osaka Motors is the name of a company that imports JDM shit....they're out of Montreal as well. My SiRII Engine is from Osaka Motors.....And it's perfect. But there have been horror stories about that place so buyer beware.

If you wan't a good company to order JDM honda parts from, visit They're out of Vancouver and have been great to me.

Good luck.