Can't get the pluggs to fire, any ideas?

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im about to the end of my wits with this car..
i cannot figure out why my pluggs refuse to fire,,

first here is the story of the car,

i bought a 1990 civic dx with a b18 and an s1 tranny in june of 2007
i flipped this car in august of 2007,
the engine was un harmed and still ran like a striped ape..

seeing the body was totalled i put the engine in a 1989 crx si body i bought from a friend,
this car had a b16 in it that they had raced.. i believe it had some kind of stand alone computer system in it..
but i bought the body and put my b18 in it.
the swap wasnt difficult and i wired the engine up.
put the computer from the civic, (from a 1990 integra)
into the crx, and i couldnt get the pluggs to fire..
i had someone come look at if for me.
and i didnt have the ground on the back of the wiring harness,
the one that hooks to the thermostat body,
hooked up.
we hooked it up and a few other wires that were loose and the pluggs started firing.
they did fine for like 3 or 4 hours. just long enought for me to get it started one time
then they just stopped.
i redid the grounds like three times.
replaced the distributor, the rotor button, the distributor cap, and the main relay,
(the one under the dash on the kick panel)
but still no fire,
i have no idea what else to do to get this thing to work.
its just been sitting for like 6 or 7 months and i want my baby running,
please if you have any ideas or suggestions anything is greatly appreciated.
I would test voltage to the distributor, then also test those same wire for any open connections, then test continuity between all wires from the distributor to the ECU. if your ECU is sending power/signal you shouldn't have a problem, I would post the exact instructions but my alldata account expired.
chec if your getting spark from the dizzy,if so then replace the plug wires,thats what happened to mine,rplacd them and it ran mint
If you are not using the correct ecu. Your car can run but run like crap. Wait a minute this OBD0 right?
the two plug wire to the dizzy is getting power, and its getting power out the coil. but if i put a screw driver into the cap where the wire goes out to the plugs no fire.. and its getting fire through the rotor button, everyone has told me to check my grounds..

the wires are good though. made sure on my cousins rodeo..

ive got the ecu for the enigine
wait under the cap there is a spring looing thing that HAS to be there,,it goes into the cap and touches on the coil,chck if its there
its a brand new cap.. and you mean the lil piece of metal that sticks out into the coil?? ist there.
i put a new ignition switch on the crx,
still nothing.
no lights come on on my dash or anything when i put the key in the on position..
i dont have the fuse cover either, anyone got a link or anything to a picture of the fuse
cover so i know which fuses are what?