Cant Get Thru My Firewall

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dont know where to post this, most likely will get shit from everyone for asking a stereo install question....but fuckit

im installing an amp in my 96 civic coupe. how do i penetrate the firewall for the power? i found a rubber grommet, removed it, but i could not make
the power wire go seems as if there is something hard behind it.....can anyone help?



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Find the one where your harness goes in and work it through that one.I had to have someone on the inside guide it through all the wiring and brackets.


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i was able to fit a 4 gauge power wire through my grommet hole, the one on the passenger side. you need to feed it down into it, and it will appear under the dash. what year is your car?


ya i tried the 1 1/2 rubber grommet, but there was a solid firewall behind it...couldnt make the wire, or the coat hanger go down....
so i disconnected the battery, took it out, and used the grommet that the battery cable uses to get thru.

thanks anyways...


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fyi... in 6th gen civics about 6inches below the battery and off to the right a bit there is a black plastic grommet. what you need to do is pull up the passenger carpet a bit and under that you will see what looks like rubber foam on the firewall. there is a precut flap in the foam rubber padding that if you lift up you will see the other side of the grommet near the battery. use a screw driver and poke the grommet out. drill a hole for the proper gauge of power wire your using feed the wire thru it and put the grommet back in the hole you poped it out and finish feeding the wire in.