car sputters

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ok so jus got all the obd-1 things hooked up today for the motor. took out the resistor box and sautered the wires together. hooked up the 4 wire o2 sensor and hooked up the obd-1 dizzy. so with the ls ecu in the car ran good jus wouldnt hold idle. then now with all the new things done and the correct ecu in the car starts up and seems to idle by itself but doesnt idle high like it should when u first start up a cold car. oh and when i go to drive it it starts to putter and like backfire a lil, so wat do u think the simptoms could be...... give me all and any solutions u can think of.

oh and its a 1990 integra gs with an obd-1 b16 in it.
Is the engine light on, if so throw the code to see what it is.

Thats how i got mines to work, it was IACV and bad wiring.

Another one, my friend had a problem, it turned out that the ECU plug wasnt in good.