car starts....usually

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just swapped motor 2 weeks ago, everything went great no problems and turned key and it fired right up and runs great

but once in a while, when i turn the key....nothing, all dash lights are on and everything, its got a new alternator so im guessing that shouldn't be the problem

could it be just the battery? starter? wire?

thanks for the input, believe me ill check it out, i travel alot and ive got to get all the "bugs" out before i drive to far from home.

i guess if all else fails and it ends up being the alt. its got a 1 year warranty, but its a pain to pull it!
:D yea, umm....the ignition switch is bad, do you know if i could use the switch from the integra? i know the keys would be different, but would it fit? its free if it fits
fixed it! the engine ground wasn't quite tight enough. i was stranded for a while and couldnt fix it, then i tried that and it worked on the first try

thanks for the input