Car steers on its own

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Hey Guys,

I have a 99 B18B auto, and i have a weird problem when im braking. When im driving at 60kmh or so when i go to step on the brake the car vears to the left or right of the lane... now this only happens 4 out of 10 times. I recently changed the brake pads and rotors on my car but it never used to do it after i did the change. It started to happen after 3months of the new pads and rotors on the car? what do you guys think could be the problem..It makes driving a Bitch now... tryin not to hit cars when

Thanks in advance Guys....



does it consistently pull one way or the other?

maybe you need to rebleed the brakes

sounds like one side is locking up before the other...
or perhaps one caliper is dragging, the pad is now shot, so it has minimal braking power...


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It pulls more to the right side of the car. I have gotten a alignment about a month ago and the car runs in a straight line. I will have to check out the pads to see what the wear is looking like... I didnt bleed the calipers yet but i plan to do that when i check out the pads... Does anyone else have this problem or if they can give more suggestions..


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might be whats called the car pulls to the right at times and i have to pull the wheel back and they tell me its due to the castor, part of the control arm i believe.


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sounds like something with the brake left/right bias. try bleeding all the calipers, inspect the calipers(look for leaks or somthing; my cousin's dodge caravan had a incident where one of the pistons in the caliper seized, causing the car to pull to the left), and inspect the pads; pretty much what you were already about to do :) Sounds like the right side is stronger than the left.

if that doesnt help, maybe bad proportioning valve?


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capone could be right about the castor. Most cars are set up with a bit of negative castor. This effectively gives the car negative camber only while turning. Positive castor will result in positive camber when turning and is to be avoided. If the car has bad suspension bushings, the torque from braking will tilt the steering knuckles forward giving positive castor. So check your front control arm bushings.