car wont idle

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I put an 89 si motor from a crx into an 88 dx hatch. the si motor ran great before i pulled it. now i have it in the dx and its smoking white smoke(alot) and car wont idle... any ideas??? also when i changed the plugs 2 of them had alot of oil on them... like i said b4 the motor did not smoke when i pulled it out...
i wired for the extra two injectors like it said to do in the dx to zc swap and did everything the swap told me to do...
ok i didnt have the eacv sensor hooked up. i hooked it up and the car idles fine but i'm still getting white smoke. i think it would be oil but i drove the car with this motor 3 days before we pulled it and it ran great and didnt smoke just got crashed.
White smoke= coolant,water being burned in combustion chambers or condensation in exaust pipes.

Black Smoke= running rich more fuel than can be burned during the combustion process

Blue/Grey Smoke= Oil being burned in the combustion chambers

Check your oil, if see anti freeze on the stick then you may have a serious problem. If not take it and run for a while it will probably clear up.
I have put probably 100 miles on the car now and the white smoke did clear up. Once again thanx!!!