cart 6/26/05

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im totally there. trav will be there with his freshly painted car, too.

subaru vs mitsubishi? :eek: :ph34r:


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I might bring the Z...I got to try to blow the diff or the clutch...just to have an excuse to upgrade... :ph34r:

then again...the civic is getting fast....well...I'm getting fast in the civic... :ph34r:


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doubtful i'm making it.
damn driveweay pavers :( cars stuck in the garage
Originally posted by TurboMirage@Jun 26 2005, 07:10 PM
autocross was fucking awesome. glad everyone could make it. ;)
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Yup, that was a great course. One of the best ones this year.

Chris, what happened to you in the S vs. M run off? :lol:
i had a badass run, and then spun right at the finish line on my 2nd pass. i didnt take out any cones, though! that Z section really threw me off since the azenis were so greasy. im getting rid of them to tom and jen for their crx probably after the next event. then im getting a set of :gasp: es100's again.




and i got all excited when i saw that volvo wagon... thought John was back.... not him :(
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 28 2005, 09:18 AM
yeah, wow! who dat is? :p


and how did youg et three runs in 25 min?
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5th run, then 2 runs in the mitsu vs subi runoff.
Holy WRX overload, batman !

I'm going to get KILLED when I show up with my car ! Holy crap, For the first time in history, I'm afraid to compete !

-> Steve
Lemme quickly class this setup out:

Are swaps still an ES class, or will they take it up to SS / BS ?

Ok, lets run down quickly:
1987 CRX ZC (And later Turbo... god knows what that's gonna do)
street tire / oversized wheels
no strut tower bar
full interior
stock safety webbing

Is the swap going to toss me into the blood thirsty WRX feeding frenzy ?

-> Steve