Catalytic Converters

Which one for daily driver w/no emission testing

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Turbo planned for later this year.
For now I/H 2.5 catback Exh
Which of the three would be best for my daily driver. I don't have to worry about emissions testing, and want to get all the power out of it I can.
I do drive with my windows down ALL the time<-No AC.
Smell factor.


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I had a high flow, the element cracked inside it, and I had a horrible rattling, busted it out and welded in a test pipe, dyno proved it improved flow, mostly feels better up top, so if you are boosting, and hate your grandchildren and mine, test pipe, IMO, get a highflow and help yourself, because if you drive with the windows down, you will be smelling fuel/exhaust all day.


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car sound high flow. they make 'em in 3" for you and everything.

its like a 2 whp loss at 300 whp. so not worth the smell...


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Just becareful when you order it, and make SURE that it is for your application. I got one for a 96+ and it was about 3/4 of an inch to long, I had to cut the flange and reweld, added half an hour to my bay time.


Get a high flow. Have one on mine (3" Car-Sound), works like a champ.. doesnt stink like fuel, better for the enviorment... its just all good.