Cayman turbo crx

The Crx has made it to the magazine .
It is in the April issue,it is the yellow front mount that looks like it was painted with a broom and got beat by a VW VR6, but we are having that re run on the 4th of April.anyway the guy that is in the car is my friend from Jamaica that pilots a 10sec 92 honda civic and me (owner) of the CRX is dusting the slicks bending down besides the front wheel.
So guys go pick up April's issue of SPORT COMPACT CAR MAGAZINE at your local book store. Thanks alot B'
" Brian " keep up the good works .


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Wow i didnt even make the conection, i have seen pics of your car that you have posted here. Thats cool man! i just had the mag right next to me and i opened it up and sure enough there she is....actually as soon as i read the post i knew exactly which mag and article and car you were talking about. 2 thumbs up mang!!! But lost to a volswagen......that sucks balls dude, what is that vw rockin for a setup? Damnit i hate VW
Originally posted by turbocrx2.0l@Mar 18 2004, 06:06 PM
The Crx has made it to the magazine .

Thanks alot B'
" Brian " keep up the good works .

Is that the one with the Evo 3 on the cover?

cool deal though. congrats on getting it in the mag :lol: and you did mention RIGHT?!?!?!?!?! :ph34r:
Originally posted by turbocrx2.0l@Mar 19 2004, 08:21 AM
I told the guy from the magazine that i got 99% of help from and iwas pissed off not see any of that mention in the magazine.

It's probably just as well... I was on an obscure CRX board way back in the day, and it was perfect- no bullshit, and a good mix of tech and humor. Well, SCC had the board in their "web sites" section, and within a month of the magazine coming out, the board was infested with dumbshits. Not that we don't have our dumbshits here now, but it's reasonably under control, I suppose. If HS got mentioned, who knows how many fuckers would be in here.