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Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace
29 :ph34r:

you're getting old kid... :p

Happy B-day Steeeeevvvvvvvvooo....


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Happy birthday y0! Have a safe one, no stories that start out like: "Well I was at my birthday party and it WAS going well untill....."


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Thanks guys !

I feel the same as I did when I was 18, only now the chip on my shoulder has direction and a purpose in life. That's about it.

I got an underdrive pulley today so far, Happy birthday to me. . Hell, I forgot it was my birthday. I was expecting "A complete asshole" at the other end of this topic title :)

-> Steve


Originally posted by Celerity@Jun 23 2005, 09:25 AM
I was expecting "A complete asshole" at the other end of this topic title :)
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lol- me too at first. hahaha


I'm just about that action Boss.
Happy Birthday man.


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Originally posted by Airjockie@Jun 23 2005, 01:32 PM
swing by the house tonight...or I will be that complete asshole!!!!!! :ph34r:
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Man, you always do this. Tonight I'm going to check out a house, and I don't know what my girlfriend / family may or may not have planned for me. You come down, how does that sound :)

-> Steve

No one visits me, and I have a fucking AWESOME house... I even have a peacock. no one cares.


peacocks freak me out man...

even since i was young and this huge bastard chased me trying to fuck me up...



The Trisexual

peacock chasing people. LOL

My sister got bit by a goose when she was 4....now that's funny. She used to try to hit even goose with her car. Everyone would slow down if they were crossign the road or something. She would ride on the sidewalk to get to those geese. It was funny.


ah, geese, those are fucking bastards too

note to everyone....

never, ever, ever, EVER, under any circumstances go near a goose's nest if there are eggs in it... you will, i repeat, YOU WILL get fucked up...


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Canadian Geese are a major problem here, and lots of people aim for them.

My peacock is actually a Peahen, but no one really puts the two together. Cock = male, Hen = female. She lacks, of course the nice feathers. She's still a ham though.

They also fly. I didn't know that until she flew one day and it scared the shit out of me - She looked like a dusty thanksgiving turkey thrown out of a car window. It was pretty funny.

-> Steve

Battle Pope

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I have this fat friend Zack. He's like 300 lbs and very funny.

Well I was up at his house at like 10:30 trying to put some speakers in my old CRX and we hear this noise in the trees. We go get lights trying to find out what it is, and he's freakin' out like "dood there's a goddamn dracula in the tree!!!" but then he told me his neighbors raise peahens, but he didn't think they could fly. Apparently peahen = dracula.