CFT at "Engrishtown"

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Originally posted by Drake@Jun 1 2005, 01:59 AM
Arnt those the guys that destroyed a crx just because it was taking up space in some ones shop?
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nah that was south florida something.i think it was a car club that did it.
and if anyones curious we went over to talk to them that day and he told dale that he was only running 20psi on the turbo that day cause the car was spinning too much
i know rolo and all of them...they are the best tuning spot in otown(and titan).... @ battle of the imports they had all of their cars was bad ass
that make me wish i went to spring nationals. i live 15 minutes from englishtown. i guess i just forgot this year.
Originally posted by micah@Jun 1 2005, 11:54 AM
2800 lbs but looked like 2 guys were in it
so take off 350-400 lbs for 2 full grown men and it sounds about right ;)
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I doubt they made passes with 2 guys in it.