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Under employed
Payday was today. I made 70 f'cking dollars. -_-

So looks like im going to wrap up the body work on both of my honda's and move on to a new job, IF I can find one. Any of them has to be better than what I'm making now.
No kidding. Thank your boss for financing the refrigerator box you're going to have to move in to.
my last check from my work was $80. I was hired at 40 hours, and we all kept getting cut back. At the end it was a single saturday per week. I told them to take me off the schedule until they get more money.
I work as a mechanic for a shop, I did atleast 5 hours of work on 3 different cars. My pay is suppose to be 40% of the labor charge of 70.00 per hour. They dont stay to their prices though, I've seen where I would do about an hour's worth of work, and he'll guess off his head and be like pay me 20 dollars. While I'm standing there going, "well... ramen noodles this week..."
a) that's illegal
b) you should have never accepted that
c) find a new job
well at the time, i didnt mind because it was putting money in my pocket, now... I'm losing profit just working there. about 3 months before I started this place, I got laid off from another job. and this little town doesnt offer much. Now, with the accord down yet again, its not any bit easier.
where in florida are you?

i havent havent had a $70 paycheck since i was 14. geez man sorry to hear about that.