Change Wheels or only tires?


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I have a question, i think can relate to this topic. Anyways, i have 205/50R16 on my 97 prelude, those are the stock tires and with the stock wheels. I'm in kind of a deleamma(sp?), should i go and get 17" or stay with the stock size of 16" and put a little more money on the tires and maybe get Proxes T1 or Potenza S1 pole position tires?? I would not want to go down to 15".

anyways give me your input on this guys, thanks alot.
How do +1 rims make your car ride harder? If anything its the low-pro tires.

I'd get new 16s but a little wider tire, like a 215 or 220


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Can my stock wheels, be set a little offset? And can my stock wheels take 215 or 225 wide tires? Or i have to buy new wheels??
all wheels have an offset. unless you want to re-cast or re-forge them, you're not going to change that.

will your wheel take a wider tire- sure, but its handling will go with it. you'll create the baloon effect-

\ /

instead of

| |

like the tire shoudl sit on the rim. youll have a lot of roll-over.