changing interior color


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i have a 93 civic cx, with the nasty blue interior, i would like to change my color to black, ive been looking for a recked eg to maybe get all the interior pieces from, but i havnt really had any luck.

i have a buddy whe painted some of his interior pieces black, (his interior was black allready, he just wanted to freshen them up) and he used black vinyl paint, has anyone else had any sucess with this???

i have another buddy who says he heard about vinyl dye?? anone heard of this, any and all thoughts are welcome,

im not looking for the cheapest way, im just looking for the most logical way,



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Clearcoat, clearcoat, clearcoat. Your interior peices get dirty and look like crap after a month so dont forget to use clear coat no matter what. And let your peices air out before you reinstall them. My buddy put them in his car a half an hour after they were done drying and his car still to this day smells like paint. I dont know about the dye but the vinyl paint works well. I needed a rear panel in my last car and i needed it black and it was grey so i painted it and i never knew the difference. And do light coats. Too heavy = run,s imperfections and alot of sanding. Theres my .02