Cheapest And Best Swap For '97 Ex

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Junior Member
Should I look into just getting a used d16 or should I swap in a b series motor, I was thinking about a b18b how much am I looking to spend total to put it in I will do all my own work so just parts? any other cheap swaps I should look into. the d series trans needs to be replaced with a b series trans doesnt it?


Senior Member
what are you looking for in this swap. If you want a turbo application get a B18, but if you want an all motor car, check out the b16a2 they will be the best bet for fast car on a budget.


Junior Member
it will be kept n/a and it doesnt need to be terriibly fast either just a little more power than stock and would like to go to something dohc, the b16a2 is the si motor right? how much and where can I find one, do I need ecu/trans also

thx bryan