Check eng light after trans swap?

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So I finally got my auto to manual swap done in my '88 CRX DX. Everything seems to be good except that now the check engine light comes on after about 1-2 minutes of driving. Does anybody have any good guesses regarding the problem, or know how to read codes on this car so I can start diagnosing the issue?
Give us a breakdown on what you did. Hope you used a new manual ecu or converted the auto ecu
Used a manual ecu that was tested. Disabled the automatic neutral lockout so the car woudl start, ran new wires for the reverse switch...

Doesn't seem to matter now though. The check engine light has stopped coming on. I think the ECU may have just had some learning to do the first few cycles the car ran.

NOW I"m worried that the trans might be bad (this will be the second bad trans if it is). It seems to work properly, but first gear makes quite a bit of noise in my opinion. Second gear makes less noise but is still audible. Third on up are perfectly quiet. It doesn't sound like the typical gear whine like you normally hear from reverse. This is more like white noise or static. I'm desperately hoping the front bearing isn't bad. That's what was wrong with my last trans....
Sucks. Well good luck, keep us updated if you can.
So can anybody give me a rundown of the symptoms of a mainshaft bearing that's on the outs? I really want to find out what it sounds like/feels like.

Also, Do these bearings fail gradually, or do they go all at once and take the trans out with them? Basically I want to know if I can limp the trans along till spring.