'Check Engine' Help Needed


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Hi guys, really hope some1 can help me out on this.

Bought a chipped P28 ecu and OBB2 - OBD1 conversion harness lately. My ride's a JDM 98spec ITR DC2 (P73).

I plug in the chipped ecu using the conversion harness and the 'Check Engine' light came up. I jump the diagnostic plug and the error code that came out was 22. I referred to my reference and realized it meant VTEC Oil Pressure Switch.

I then plug just the ECU into a frd's JDM EG6 and it worked perfectly fine.

Does the problem lies with the conversion harness or the ECU ?

Hope you guys can enlighten me on this.

Thank you.


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i'd say if it worked in your friends car than it is the harness.. try tracing the wires to make sure tehy are connected securely..

check the reference section for what pins you need to look at


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Originally posted by Bl6CRX@Mar 16 2004, 04:27 PM
does it throw the code immediatly or after driving/idleing for a little while?


the 'Check Engine' will come on in abt 5secs after I either am in ignition mode or started the engine. Any clue why ?