Check engine light acting wierd?

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I have a 94 civic ex. I just put a b16a sir II into it with a p30. I used the original wiring harness for it because it was wired for vtec. I got all the sensors hooked up except for the knock sensor becuase the wiring harness doesn't have it. All the vacumn lines are hooked up except for a real small thats on a cylinder on the firewall by the transaxle.

My check engine light is on. I jump the little connector and turned the ignition to II. Once this happens the SRS light flashes and the check engine light blinks once, then pauses, blinks again, then pauses, then again and again and again forever. My 02 sensor is wired right and my ITA sensor is hooked up.

Can anyone help me with this? Any suggestions? and shouldn't it be throwing a knock sensor code also?

sorry for all the questions in the last week, but you guys are a big help.



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well if you think your wiring is correct. check it again...9 times out of 10 you just glanced over it and missed your problem.

as for the knock sensor code, that won't be read right away, you usually have to drive for a little bit for that code to come up.


:werd: on the knock code. that won't come on until the car is fully warmed up and under load usually.

for the hell of it, plu gin your p28 (stock ex computer). it will fire the b16. see if you get the same code.