*check it, MISC stuff for sale* (b16, zex, rota)

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Shoot me a price on anything..pics upon request (on vacation rite now)

Zex Dry Nitrous Kit- No bottle (comes with line, smart box, purge valve, purge line) Complete kit minus bottle-$ make offer

B16 Crank- Freshly Micropolished Good Condition $Make Offer

97 Integra Gauge Cluster (for an auto but with work with 5spd) OBO

15" Rota Slipstreams (painted gold) Needs 2 new tires. 300Shipped

b18 bareblock- OBO

here are the rimmms

Brian, my bro had em on his hatch also. He painted them gold and i bought em for $500 .the tires are basically ownd... You want them w/ the tires or w/o..Im tellin you, there just Painted, not p/c or anything.