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Wrong Whole!


Sorry for the bad pics, all I had was my cell phone camera in a dimly lit parking lot.

Yeah, this complete dyck head parks HEAD OUT whereas I parked HEAD IN, so it's driver's door to driver's door. Mind you, I parked WELL within my space (it was a large space, not compact) and he parked completely over the line.

There was at least 4-6 feet of space on his passenger's side, but he leaves maybe 8 inches of space between the two driver's side doors as you can see from the picture.

No human being could have gotten out of his car without hitting my car.

And guess what, HE LEFT A DENT (fvcking duh). I don't have a pic of the dent, but it is very minor. There is no paint chip or scratch from the dent, just a very slight dent. I almost wish the dent was a lot worse, because it's not even worth the trouble and downtime of taking something this minor in to a body shop. But this kind of thing pisses me off! He had ZERO REGARD for me or my car. I even had to get in my car by getting in the passenger side and lifting my legs over the center console.

The thing that REALLY got me is that he wasn't even supposed to be parked there. This is a UCLA parking lot, and a permit is required at all times. He did not have a permit. I called campus police and they sent parking enforcement. I found out that he is only getting ticketed for not having a permit, a measely $42 fine. I wanted to demand that he get towed, but that is just not campus policy for a first time parking infraction. I am so pissed... I feld like running up to my lab, getting some shears, and clipping off his valve stems. But two wrongs don't make a right... so I did the mature thing and just let him get away with a parking ticket alone.

Here is his license plate number: 4NEX645 in case the link goes dead.


You know how a lot of people mask their own license plate number when they post pics of their car? Well what exactly are you people scared of? Are you concerned that someone on the internet will figure out where you live, or get your phone number somehow?

Well, whatever you're scared of, I hope it happens to this guy right here.

Can anyone tell me how to get this guy's address or phone number from the license plate? Is it just a matter of going to the DMV and paying a fee to get a public record or something? Please tell me, I want to give this guy a piece of my mind.

I'm glad that the damage is minor, almost completely unnoticable. But still, this completely infuriates me. Why couldn't he take 15 seconds and repark??!

-Mike (doesn't want to get fvcked with again anytime in the near future)


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Should have removed the stems from his air valves :) doesn't wreck the tires and it's the funny when you leave them on the hood for them, to find.


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Something tell me that person wouldn't discover the valve stem cap thing for years. Then again, they wouldn't discover a flat tire for days either.

I get people like that at work. My friend and I have a system, we pick out specific parking spots and park with no room on either side. We are careful of each other's car, so we get no issues. We usually take up 2 parking spots, but so close to each other that you can swing a door wide.

-> Steve


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there was a recent vandalism act. Someone accidentally cut a few of this kid I knows valve stems and keyed up his and his families cars. :ph34r:


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Maybe you should track him through his plate and go beat him in the head with a baseball bat?

Thats crappy though, I wish I had a link for that vidclip from Malcolm in the MIddle when his mom gets into it in the parking lot with some other chick who dented his moms car with her door.


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you should've waited (if you have time) and spoke with was probably a


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haha that shit is probably the most irritating thing a car enthusiast can ever go through, and really unless you're planning on following up on it and finding him there's not much you can really do about it at all.


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I would of waited if I had time....I woulda put a similiar dent in there car lol then key next to it FUCK YOU haha! ya my car is all keyed up and it gets egged alot too...fucking white trash around here man I hate it! (the key marks were from before I owned the car though) along with all the damn dents!


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I'd have taken out his grill, and then taken off all the logos from his car, and stolen his license plates. .. for realz yo.


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Key it.

Okay, maybe not. In anger I would have probably thought of doing so but I'm too nice to do that.

I definately would've reported it if its noticeable or given their door a good kick or a shove. If nothing else I would have left a note saying how disrespectful they were, how they suck at life and if they did it again there would be a big problem.


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Originally posted by 92civicb18b1@Jul 2 2005, 11:04 AM
there was a recent vandalism act. Someone accidentally cut a few of this kid I knows valve stems and keyed up his and his families cars. :ph34r:
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Thats not right.

What did his family do?

If it wasn't bad enough that you damaged hisi car which could cost thousands if its not a POS but you mess with his family's car? Not cool, not cool at all.


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Originally posted by 92civicb18b1@Jul 2 2005, 11:04 AM
there was a recent vandalism act. Someone accidentally cut a few of this kid I knows valve stems and keyed up his and his families cars. :ph34r:
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And what you do in an instance like that is find 4 pebbles and put them in their valvestem caps and screw them back on. They come out to find all 4 tires flat with no knife marks in they have it towed to a gas station or whatever and put air back in their tires. As soon as they screw the valvestem caps back on, the tires go flat again. I did this to a few people in high school, and I swear it took all of them like 2 or 3 reinflations to figure out what the fuck was going on.


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Since that fucker left a dent, I would of dented his shit too. I also would have left a note telling them exactly why I put that fucking dent there so they know next time to park correctly.

As for getting back into his car, he could have just went in through the passenger side, released the E-Brake to let it roll back enough to open the driver door, pull the brake back up, and went around to the driver side. Would of been a lot easier doing it that way instead of stepping all over your interior and shit.


Someone did that to my Civic at work one day. Luckily they didn't leave a mark on my door, but i had to climb over my shifter and console to get in. So, being the ass I am, I opened my door with the utmost force, and left a nice dent in their door.

What especially pisses me off are people who can't park straight - sorry to be sexist, but mostly women. I see it all the time at work, and I wonder why they can't take the extra time to cut the wheel and park correctly. I once saw a Tahoe parked crooked in a space, with about 15% of the truck in one space, and the other 85% in the other. Not to mention the fact that the drivers side wheel was up on the 3 1/2" granite curbing.

In addition, I've also seen someone in an SUV park right up against a shopping carrige, so much so that the cart is actually crushed and pinned against the front of the car. How can people be so dumb?