cheerleader OWNED (Becca Manns)


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I took a brief glance at the pics, I'm at work.

And I drew up a little storyboard in my head about how much she loves me. So we decided to get married. I'll pick up the pieces and make sure Daddy has no regrets.


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Serious, this is a pictography from one of our steamy encounters. She met up with me at my dorm, talked for a bit in the hallway and played with her belt line for a bit, then we went inside and starting about biology, then really studying biology.

Then I superovulated her rhino cave with some engineered phytosperm hybrids and tossed her out the door.


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i dont think she looks that great either.. maybe with her face against the pillow
even then...

her box isn't great
her tits are saggy
that heart tantoo thing is retarded
shes not 'cheerleader thin' either...

average/slightly above average, sure. but she is in the 6-range for me.


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She's got a really dumb look on her face, and I'm pretty sure "The wheel's turnin', but the hamster's dead" - but she's a good looking girl.

I think, believe it or not, most girls are good lookers. That seems to change when they reach 15 though.