Chet's Auto-x Results

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for those who have adobe acrobat capable browsers...

i finished 4th overall, 2 guys ahead of me had hoosiers, one had falkens. if i had hoosiers i would have probably won the event, as hoosiers are usually good for at least 2 seconds. they will come soon...along with a brand new ITR shortblock.

btw, does anyone else auto-x on this site, seems like there aren't many people sharing their experiences/results.
Originally posted by chet@Feb 2 2003, 07:13 PM
btw, does anyone else auto-x on this site, seems like there aren't many people sharing their experiences/results.

auto crossing in the snow and ice is fun :( This april is when it starts up around here. I will have a few tales to tell when the time comes

Gabe, autoX your rex. Rex's handle sweet right off the showroom floor and didn't you lower yours? Nothing will break, just try it once, you'll love it. oh and gabe i need to talk to you to see if you can make me some magnetic numbers for when i do autoX (i dont want permanet vinal shit thats rice)

adam, you saw the schudule is up right?
hmmm yea its lowered with eibachs and ive got a neuspeed strut bar, rear tie bar, tokico blues, kyb's, fairly light 14" rims and nankang ex-601's. the SCCA solo2 event comes here in march. maybe...jjust maybe i'll run it :)

yea, i can do the magnetics for you. :) just need the specs.
Impressive Chet.

If your 92 civic hb can do that .. then mebbe my pos of shit can do a 1/4 mile faster than 324.63 seconds.
I want something kinda like this

ford gt1 #ing (keeped it 56k freindly)

is it possible to make it so it has beveled edges so it would be less likely to be blown/riped off from drag? I was thinking about some # that could be turned upside down to make a diffrent # like 19 can be turn upside down to make 61 with the right font. (not a super big deal but it would be nice) I will have to go out tommrow and see how big i would need it any rough estiment how much this would cost? (magnets must be semi strong so they dont blow off)

Oh and at the moment you have more suspention mods than me but hopefully i will change that in april (teins are going on)
it finially loaded for me- damn work firewall.

i think its relly funny how 90% of the cars are miatas.

and wtf is up with that stealth? 999.99?? lol damn thats slow

owning the 2.5RS by more than 2 seconds = ownage :)

good runs
congrats man. If it werent snowing/icey/ cold as hell out we would be gettin many more autox results from the people up here in the frozen tundra of the north.

just wait til april lol :D