Chipping My Ecu

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OK IM planing on dropping a sohc vtec y8 in my 88 si. IM wondering would it be possible to chip my pm6 ECU to match a the z6 ECU (p28), but maybe adjusting it a little bit to help with vtec kicking in a little earlier then the z6 ECU has it. I want to use a rpm activated switch to tigers vtec and have to ECU match that rpm to up the fuel and timing. Is this possible if not will someone give me a detailed list of wiring I would need to do to run a pm28 ECU cause it makes no sense to have vtec and not an ECU that can adjust for it. AND NO I DONT WANT A B16.


i'd highly suggest simply running an obd0->1 ecu wire harness conversion, plugging in the p28, and running the needed vtec wires.
you won't need one of those switches- which are GAY
and your fuel map will be right on.