Civic 91 Dx With A B16 Sir-ii

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I know my Civic 91 DX hatch is OBD-0.
Requires Mounts Which I have.

My civic is cable and the Engine I have is SIR II is came with Cable Tranny 170HP!
I have the complete engine swap ready with the mounts ready to drop.
I have to wait for my friend to take out his car from the garage to do the swap.

In the mean time I would like to get some advise from yo.. :D

I know SIR II is OBD-1.
I don't really care about the OBD series wiring..

Here are some questions..

I know my friends homeboi who can do the wiring for 600 bucks including the DROP he said wiring will take 3 days. He said he will need to strip the car inside for the proper wiring job. He has done many civics including DX's like mine hopefully.

What are some problems will I face because I have a DX?
I am in sacramento, ca 95823..

Any advise will be very helpful...
also is 600 koo price for a Drop and Wiring JOB?

help me out guys :worthy:
dude i am about to do this exact swap in My 89 DX, and i just did this exact swap in a 90DX...
Wiring is not that hard once you figure it out, takes half an hour and then another half an hour to an hour to finish it. I have a really good online guide if you want it PM me and i will give you the links. 600 sounds kinda steep for the whole thing. You live in Sac??? Talk to the guys at Motor Sports Dynamics they know a lot and have been rather helpful to me. And if i were you i would deffinately convert my car to OBD1 instead of converting the motor to OBD0.
Good Luck and PM or IM me if you have any questons...
looks like your vtec soleniod maybe broken.
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Jan 12 2003, 05:05 AM
looks like your vtec soleniod maybe broken.

Yes But I have a new one and new valve cover and Distributor!!!

I don't have the engine its at my friend house!!!

i see no real logical reason there is a downfall to just making the motor non obd just besides you'll have to ditch your ecu and get a pr3 or pw0

there's an excellent mpfi tutorial on in the how to section

i mean either way it's your car but if it was me this is what i'd do
..... pick up a pr3 and convert the motor to obd0


If I get the OBD0 to OBD1 Harness Will it just plug up in my DX??

Or DO I still need to modify the harness under the dash???
I have the 4 vtec wires already their!!!
It should if that is what they made it for.How do you have the vtec wires,did you run them already?
that harness you have wires that you may have to extend to run to the VTEC equipment. If i were you i would get that one that you saw on ebay that one already had the extended wire and everything, it looked good and the price was good too.