Civic Cx Sway Bars

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Hey guys, does anyone know if the 94 Civic CX lower control arms have the mounting points for a sway bar, front and/or rear? I was thinking about hitting a yard and grabbing the sway bars off an EX, along with all the hardware, but that won't help me if the control arms don't have the mountsing points, just wondered if anyone knew, it's a little snowy for me to go out and crawl under the car :lol:

front yes, rear no. but some aftermarket ones for the rear you use different moutning points anyway
unless a cx is different from my dx, it doesn't have front lca's with mounting brackets for a sway bar.

del sol si's, si hb's are the two civics with front sway bars...and the 4 dr sedan and ex possibly.
yea ex's have em. its just a hole in the lca where sway bar mounts. you can prolly get these from a junk yard too. 94+ acura integra components can be used as well.
yet another day of wrenching under shifty cars in the yards :lol:


project CX soon to have vtec power in the form of sohc :lol: