Civic DX 97 - Spark Plug Tube Removal?

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Hello all, hoping someone can help me out here. I have just created a wonderful experiance for myself by breaking off the threaded portion of a spark plug in the head of my Civic. I've attempted soaking it in PB Blaster for a day and a half, and using an EZOut to extract the remaining portion of the plug to no avail. I went on to remove the Valve/Cylinder cover to attempt to get closer access to the plug, but I can't see any way of removing the spark plug tube.

I have a Hayes/Service manual, and I can't find anything about those tubes coming out in the engine section or the assemble blowup. Do they come out?

Secondly, based on the fact that even with a 24+ hour soak in PB Blaster, and putting as much torque on the easyout with a breaker bar as I felt it could take without snapping, I am getting to the point where I think the head must come off. Especially since the only thing left that I could do (that I have heard of anyway) is to heat the plug threads up with a torch to try and get them to expand/contract and break loose... which I can't see doing with the tube in the way.

So, how difficult is the head to remove on a small block like this? I've never take one off personally, only helped a friend put a newly machined one onto his 69 Ford truck. I don't have any problem working on my own car, and am plenty mechanically inclined, so I'd much prefer to give up a weekend or two of my time than fork over $1K+ to get a spark plug out.

Thanks for any help!


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Oh, I meant to attache a picture of the tube I'm talking about. Probably pretty clear, but here's the picture from the service manual (tube outlined in red):



Those tubes are pressed into the head. It'll take a machine shop or a hell of a lot of prying to get it out, then certainly a machine shop to put it back. I would exhaust all resources, including breaking off that easy out in the spark plug before removing it. Try a constant pressure. Pry it as hard as you think you can without breaking it, then hold it a while.. Do this several times. Also, you can try to tighten the plug a hair to break it loose, then loosen it.

Your other option is to remove the head and get it out that way.