Civic DX Hatchback 95, Engine Rattling Sound?

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I'm not sure exactly where the sound is coming from but, today I cleaned out the throttle (with some intake cleaner) and then added some of that gasket paste (to make sure no oil comes out of the valve cover), and washed my engine with some GUNK engine cleaner

I've done this before to the car and I did it today because I had time, so when I started the car up, i heard a wierd rattling sound from the engine, I listened closely, and it sounded as if I was around the valve cover/timing belt/headers area

I thought it was the heat shield, so I removed it, same rattling sound
A friend told me to reset the ECU (pointless) but I did, same
Another told me, it might have something to do with the timing belt

Now I'm clueless of what I should do, please help