Civic Ej1 d16y7 to B18a2 swap questions with pics

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Hi everybody,

i just get a b18a2 engine to do a swap to my ej1 that has a d16y7... you maybe asking "why you buy a too old engine?"... well i get it just for 300 bucks the longblock with stock header and intake manifold... so i think is ok to be a project...


my question here is:

1. What can i do to this engine?

For know i will do a overhaulin', so i will put some high comp pistons, ITR oil and water pump with timing kit gates blue. what do you believe?

2. What tranny i can look?

as i know the best tranny is the ITR tranny that have better final, but here in panama it cost 1600 usd bucks... so i'm looking for a VTi or SI b16a2 or b16a tranny... that has a good gears too... what do you think?

3. What Tranny clutch kit can i buy?

well the engine was automatic, so it comes with the turbine (AT), so i must buy a full clutch kit with flywheel right?, so i'm thinking on buy a XTD complete clutch kit with flywheel 9 lbs... is ok?

4. To Complete the swap, what else i need?

engine mounts?, shift linkage?, what else?
for know this are my questions, hope you can help...

It all depends on what your trying to do/get out of it. Do you want to rice roast everything u can or do u want ppl to be jelous of your quik but sleek civic.
well your going to need any bseries trans.. gonna need the axles from the 94+integra need shift linkage 94+integra, reat trans mount for 94+ teg, Look for Innovation Motor mount kit swap they sell a good kit, the correct ECU that goes with the block.
Boost id get a t3 turbo
no boost i would do a b18c head for the vtech