Civic GSR For Trade/Car,Truck,Bike

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Alright ladies and gentleman, my 97 civic has been retired due to some ghettofied fuck nuts and there broke asses. Car was stolen and stripped but the rookies left my BABY, the most expensive thing on the car my B18C1 GSR. The engine runs great and is in exceptional shape w/ only 85k on it. It came out of a 95 GSR Integra, i dont know about all the generation crap or what harness is on the engine as i didnt have anything to do with the install, but it was all professionally done. Engine will come with the complete setup off my car for a smooth swap into yours. That includes axles, ecu (which came out of the gsr integra), tranny, shift linkage etc. There is no A/C condenser on the motor as i wanted MORE power. Motor still runs strong like the day it was swapped and there are no leaks of any kind, air, oil, etc.... I spent $3500 on the engine myself but dont expect that from you, but if you would like to make an offer, please do it quick before i find another civic to revive.

Trunk lid needs replaced along with dash, headlights, center console and inside door panels, and a bottom rear seat, side mirrors other than that passenger side is primer grey and ready for paint, driver side needs 1 dent pulled out and primed then ready for paint.

Get serious and ill get some pics of it and send them to whos interested or post them

You can email me at if you would like to make an offer/trade or pm me if u have any questions. Car can also be bought for $2400.
Originally posted by tip@Aug 13 2005, 12:04 PM
hey u still have the car..........??????????????
might have a deal for ya
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Hey everyone i got some pics of the ride!!!! Yeaaa! If you have a serious offer of anykind let me know, and i will send the pics to you right away. PM me or email me at
Ok ppl i got photos of the car and here they are, keep in mind i will take trades of a car, no matter how old, if you think its worth it shoot an email, even if you dont think its worth it. A truck will also work or a street bike, would like a bike 94 or newer and in good condition. Or you can buy the car itself off of me for $2400 or the engine itself for $1700, keep in mind besides that flat tire this car does run and runs fast. So heres the link any troubles with it please let me know!